Well Woman Health Check

A health check and screen is a way of finding out if people are at higher risk of a health problem so that early treatment can be offered or information given to help them make informed decisions.

Our well woman health check include: 

  • history and examination 
  • gynecological examination and cervical PAP smear 
  • breast examination 
  • blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate 
  • lung function 
  • weight and height measurements 
  • hearing and vision test
  • resting ECG if needed (Extra)
  • smear test (Extra) 

Our private GP can give you advice on: 

  • gynaecological problems
  • family planning (including fitting an IUD coil)
  • cervical smears 
  • breast disease
  • the menopause
  • after childbirth  care 
  • lifestyle 
  • miscarriage 
  • periods 
  • screening and tests 

Our doctors are here to listen to you and give you the time your well-being deserves. All our doctors are highly qualified in their field. We can see you and alleviate your concerns and if you need a referal to a specialist, a speedy specialist referal can be arranged for both NHS and private services.