Well Man Health Check

Well man clinic offer a range of health checks for men.  

A well man clinic is not a replacement for a full health check. If you are ill or need medical advice, see one of our GPs for a consultation. 

What health checks do our well man clinics offer?

  • history and examination 
  • prostate and testicular cancer screen
  • PSA blood test if required 
  • blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate 
  • lung function 
  • weight and height mesurments 
  • hearing and visiont test 
  • resting ECG if requested (Extra) 

Our doctors are here to listen to you and give you the time your well-being deserves. All our doctors are highly qualified in their field. We can see you and alleviate your concerns and if you need a referal to a specialist, a speedy specialist referal can be arranged for both NHS and private services.