Minor Skin Surgery

Perfect skin is rare to find and almost everyone will be affected by skin conditions such as moles, warts, birthmarks and skin pigmentation disorders at some point. But just because skin conditions are commonplace, it doesn’t mean they can’t affect your confidence. Many women and some men feel so self-conscious about embarrassing skin blemishes that they opt to simply cover up their bodies, while moles can cause undue stress and worry.

Luckily, there are straightforward minor skin procedures that can improve your physical appearance and help you regain your confidence. Many people simply accept imperfections without realising that there are easy and affordable ways to restore their skin to its natural beauty. If you’re embarrassed about your skin pigmentation or moles, the in-house skincare experts at shades clinics are on-hand with a range of procedures that can restore your self-confidence.

How will I feel during minor skin procedures?

Depending on the treatment you choose, you may experience anything from slight to mild discomfort. We will do everything to keep you comfortable and pain-free, including the use of local anaesthetic cream if necessary.

Which is the right treatment for me?

To talk through your options and tell us what you would like to change, arrange a consultation with one of our specialists, who will help you to decide which of our minor skin procedures will best help you to reach your goals.