GP Consultation

At Shades Clinic we give great importance to the consultation appointment. We book long appointment times to ensure you have all the time needed to tell us what you are willing to achieve. A consultation appointment is not only about dealing with the disease: we are here to treat you as a person and not just the disease. We appreciate everyone is different and we like to tailor our management to your personal needs. 

When you attend our clinic we will ask you to fill out a medical history sheet that will tell us about your general health. This will enable our doctors to have a good understanding of your past health history which will in turn help them recommend a holistic treatment plan. 

We follow a ‘patient journey’ system at our practice which Dr Haghri and Dr Rooprai developed after analysing over 80 health care practices across the UK. The ‘Patient Journey’ is designed to give our patients the best experience possible in a consistent manner. You should expect to receive the same service throughout your contact with us starting from the reception staff to the surgery staff and even when you are referred to see any of the specialists here. 

Do you need sedation? We hope that that we can relax you to have all the treatment you need but if you need to have an extra relaxation until you are gain full trust in our service. Dr Rooprai is a hospital-trained sedationist and he is there if you need him. We have years of experience where we have helped patients who had treatment under sedation in the past but now receive treatment without sedation and our goal is to show you how enjoyable a treatment. 

We follow national guidelines when we recommend a treatment plan and our doctors are always up to date with the latest research and development in medicine. 

Why don’t you call our friendly receptionist and book a consultation with us? Your well-being is the most important thing in life!