Contraception Clinic

Our contraception clinics offer confidential advice and information about contraception and sexual health.

Our clinic is open on weekdays and weekends and we are here to support you if you need reassurance or treatment. 

Our clinics can be used by women, men and young people, including those who are under 16 years of age. 

You can contact us directly and no referal is needed. 

You will need to book a consultation appointment with one of our private GPs who can advice you and provide you with emergency contraception if you are still within time of possible treatment. 


Our clinic offer a range of services and can provide:

  • confidential advice about contraception
  • the combined oral contraceptive pill
  • the progestogen-only pill
  • Removal of the contraceptive implant
  • emergency contraception
  • confidential advice about STIs
  • cervical screening
  • unplanned pregnancy advice
  • pregnancy tests
  • pre-conception (pre-pregnancy) advice and fertility awarenessinformation

You may call us to book a planned appointment or to book an emergency appointment