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Why test? 

Sexually transmitted disease (STDs) are common and many are without symptoms.

  • 450,000 STI Diagnoses in 2012
  • Chlamydia is the most common (46 % of cases)
  • Gonorrhoea increased by 21% in 2012.
  • 32,000 people diagnosed with herpes in 2012
  • Syphilis 61% increase among men between 2003-2012

When can I get tested? 

If yot think you for any reason you may be at risk of being infection with an STD you can some and speak to one of our Doctors who can advise you when the best time to get tested is. Once body is infected with a disease there is a period of time called incubation before the disease is shown on the blood tests. Nowadays blood tests are advanced and can pick up disease much earlier than in the past. Our doctors can advise you when the best time to be tested is. Majority of the STDs are picked up after 2 weeks past from the time that you have into contact with them. With advanced tests we are able to rule out HIV as early as one month after known exposure.