Blood tests

Feeling tired and not sure why? Need to check your health? At Shades Clinic a full suite of individual blood tests is available to assist in any diagnosis.

Blood testing is one of the most straight forward medical tests available and there are thousands of different tests available, which can be used to help diagnose or rule-out specific conditions, infections or diseases.

As well as a myriad of standard tests, specific blood profiles are also available, for example, covering blood chemistry, biochemical markers, blood fats and to assist diagnosing non-specific symptoms such as general fatigue, dietary conditions or organ function.

If you’ve been overseas, you may value the peace of mind available from checking your health when you return home.

Various blood tests are available to check your health, however, you should always discuss your health in person with a clinician before agreeing the best steps to manage your health.

Our service 

  • Rapid testing and results
  • Full suite of blood tests
  • Diagnose or rule-out a condition
  • Expert care in pristine clinics
  • Referral following a blood test if requested 

We treat all results with strict confidentiality and your information will not be shared without your permission. 

Call us today to find out about prices for a specific blood test as prices vary according to what test we will need to request.